Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

The Escape From Halifax

Look at that, I haven’t forgotten my blog yet!

We escaped Halifax after the most stressful couple of weeks of my life – yes, more stressful than that time I was left alone and binge watched Hannibal. I know our super adventure sounds like all fun and games, but boy I’m telling you it was a lot of work to get organized, move our things into a tiny storage unit, and finish up work. It’s so going to be worth it though!

IMG_4498  IMG_0157

Melbourne was our first stop and she/he/it did not disappoint. We only spent a week there as we were mainly working at PAX, but the bits of the city we were able to see were delightful. Seriously one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

Melbourne Highlights:

  • COFFEE. Amazing coffee everywhere. Long Blacks and Flat Whites as far as the eye could see. Fun Fact: I read they have a large Italian immigrant community that influenced coffee culture in Melbourne. They totes do iced coffee or cold brews at many cafes, but it’s common to see iced coffee to mean coffee with ice cream in it. I didn’t try this treat yet. I have to save something for next time.

IMG_4478 IMG_4470 IMG_4489

  • Nicest people. I’m not sure if this is a characteristic of all Australians (probably), but the people of Melbourne were just the nicest and most polite people I’ve ever met. I mean step off Australians that’s our thing *shakes fist politely*!
  • Architecture. An architect’s wet dream. Every building was made modern and beautiful. Even the lil’ Travelodge hotel we stayed at had interesting blue and orange structures down the side. Most buildings in the CBD were contemporary, but we also came across some areas of gorgeous historic colonial houses and buildings.

IMG_4475 IMG_4477 IMG_4468 IMG_0220 IMG_0226

  • Sweet Zoo! On our first day we went to the zoo to distract ourselves from time travelling disorientation after being on an airplane for a thousand hours. There was a point in the flight where I just accepted my life was on that plane now and I would never leave it. Like a purgatory for middle class people. Stuff nightmares are made of right here. Nothing tiny penguins can’t cure amiright?!

IMG_0169 IMG_0205 IMG_0190 IMG_0187

  • PAX AUS. I didn’t see much more than the exhibitors hall and the table top gaming area. The things I saw were pretty cool. A little smaller scale compared to American PAX’s, but had the same EZ going vibe. I was jet lagged nearly all week and couldn’t really find my groove to do a bunch of PAX adventuring. Maybe next year though!



Good job Melbourne. You’ve impressed me. Not that I’m picky. You could’ve been a juice box and a bag of chips, I would’ve also (maybe not equally) been impressed and delighted. I have very refined tastes.

I would love to come back at some point. I heard I missed out on a killer board games bar and many delicious restaurants. Yep, just starting our world tour and I’m already planning return visits!