Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

Uninteresting facts about travel

I’ve been mostly using this blog to share all the highlights and the best of my adventures but there are an equal amount (probably more) lowlights on my travels. While I might be writing the most boring blog post ever, I feel the need to share these dull things for your non-tertainment.

Someone should clean this window.

Travel Lowlights Include:

1. Knitting is a pleasant activity on planes and trains, but can get tangled in your bag if you’re not careful. Knitting can also attract staring if you’re doing something complicated that involves several dbl pointed needles.

2. I miss premium plus soup crackers. A similar product is hard to locate, if not impossible.

3. My favourite Aussie snacks are the roasted chicken flavoured Pringles, Arnott’s mint choco cookies, and Tim Tams (of course).

4. A comfy couch is an important feature when looking for a month long stay at an airbnb.

5. We’ve consistently needed a cheese grater, ziplock bags/containers, measuring cups/spoons, and a spatula in our various apartments.

6. Aisle seats are better for long flights. I’m not going to be able to sleep well in any seat, so I might as well be able to walk around.

7. I really want to bake cookies, but I don’t want to buy all the things to make cookies.

8. 3 pairs of pants is way too many pants for travelling. I need magical travelling pants.

9. I’m bad at packing.

10. My sarong has become a valuable item to keep me cozy on the couch, on the plane, on the train, and even on a boat once. I’ve never worn it as an actual sarong, but often as a cape.

11. I enjoy taking photos of my feet.

12. I hate getting my haircut by a different person every month or two. Especially when I don’t speak the language.

13. I’m bad at cutting my own bangs.

14. European cities are a dog shit gold mine.

15. It has taken approximately 5 months for all my shirts to fall apart and they all fell apart together.

16. The most uninteresting fact of all: Travelling, while fulfilling in many ways, can be really lonely. I miss having a home to nest and collect things in. I miss my friends to share all my stupid thoughts with. I miss visiting my favourite coffee shops who consistently have a smile and coffee just the way I like it.


Would I give it up? Absolutely not. Not ever.

The interesting bits. The boring bits. The awful bits. I love them all.