Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

!!2017!! Happy New Year !!2017!!

I just wanted to take a second to appreciate this past year. I know there have been many heartaches; heroes passing, political outrage, and humans being generally horrible, but John and I have also had one of the most incredible years. I’m thankful that we’ve been able to go on so many adventures together, be with friends and family (although briefly), and have had good health.

So, like, here’s some of my favourite memories of 2016:

Starting at the beginning way back in Sydney, Australia for our New Years celebration.


and then we made our way to Valencia, Spain!

I got to see so much of Spain. <3 <3 <3 I only learned how to order a coffee: “cafe con leche por favore”. Be proud.


We froze our butts off in Carcassonne, France.


We discovered Marseilles‘ take on Neapolitan style pizza! Their secret is emmental cheese and a single olive including pit.


We explored the serene island town of Bastia and all of its extremely photogenic streets and buildings.


We got to experience the wonder that is Florence and all those red roofs!


We got to eat even more pizza in Naples.


Our minds were blown by Herculano and Pompeii.

We saw so much ancient shit in Rome!


I got to hang out with my parents in Scotland!


We got to go to UK Games Expo in Birmingham! Plus I got to see a Dave and hang out with an Abbey!


All the hangouts with Abbey!


The glory of London.


We went to some fun concerts in Dublin. Including Sigur Ros.


We learned that we love PARIS!


and  we love Versailles too!


We got to be back in Halifax and be with amazing friends.


I got to be a part of my best friend’s wedding in Edmonton.


We got to experience the breathtaking Iceland.


I got to travel with my two favourite people, Alex and Mallory.


I became a full fledged cat lady in Croatia.


We got super into Winter celebrations through Vienna and Prague. Rum punch, Glüwein, and grog oh my!


Also super into winter festivities in Berlin.


Lastly, some smaller more boring accomplishments:

My photography is getting better (except cell phone pics ha!). I got a sweet haircut, my tattoo collection has increased, I’m getting real good at knitting, and I’ve filled three sketchbooks.

For 2017, I would like to work on the usuals like eating better/exercising, be more consistent on this ol’ bloggo, be better at keeping in touch with loved ones, and be more patient and kind. I know I’m pure cheese. I’m a cliché. I can’t help it.

This post ended up way longer than I expected, but 2016 is full of some amazing things for John and I. Here’s to an even more incredible 2017!