Wayward Lovers

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Dubrovnik: What you really want to see.

I know I’m going on and on about the tourist things in Dubrovnik, but what you really want to see is where Game of Thrones was filmed. Well, seeing as I’m a big nerd and hate to disappoint here are the filming locations we visited!

I found some cool websites like THIS one to help find locations.

Myrcella departs for Dorn.

Season 2. Episode 6.

Pile Harbour

(click here for the panorama if the embedded one doesn’t work, or to see it full screen)

Riot of King’s Landing (where Joffrey gets a mud pie in the face)

Season 2. Episode 6.

Pile Gate.

We walked through the Pile Gate almost every day as it’s one of the main entrances into Dubrovnik’s old town. I mostly took pictures of all the cats that hang out here and neglected to get a shot of the whole. They really didn’t change it much for the show though, just had to wrangle some cats I imagine.

image source: https://theselfishyears.com/2015/01/07/day-6-in-croatia-from-kings-landing-to-qarth-to-the-house-of-the-undying/

Tyrion and Varys plot together.

Season 2. Episode 8.

Dubrovnik city walls.

We weren’t allowed to go to the exact spot, but Tyrion and Varys have their conversation where that cannon is. So I was basically hanging out with Tyrion and Varys.

Purple Wedding.

Season 4. Episode 2.

Gradac Park.

You’ll have to use your imagination a bit, because the set is dressed up quite a bit but I promise this is the same place!

Image Source: http://gardencollage.com/garden-destinations/off-the-beaten-path/gardens-game-thrones/

Read more about the set here.

Protest Speech against the Lannisters.

Season 2. Episode 5

Old Town Dubrovnik.

I hate that they covered this beautiful door for the show, but whatev.

The House of the Undying.

Season 2. Episode 10.

Minčeta Tower.

The same thing happened to us!

 Sansa and Shae hang out.

Season 3. Episode 1.

Pile Harbour.

(click here for the panorama if the embedded one doesn’t work, or to see it full screen)


A Search for Robert’s Bastards

Season 2. Episode 1.

Pile Harbour.

Go to like 1:20 of this clip for Dubrovnik scenes.

Shame! Shame!

Season 5. Episode 10.

Jesuit Stairs.

Source: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Walk_of_atonement

I’m sure there are tonnes more spots that we walked through, but these are definitely the best ones. You can see a lot of the locations in one picture here:

Bonus: in the little movie theatre in the old city they have photos and information about various movies and shows that have been filmed in Dubrovnik. Including the classic blockbuster Captain America!