Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

Praggle Rock

After Vienna we headed up to the old city of Prague in Czech Republic. We stayed 4 nights in delightful Prague. Not long enough to settle in, but long enough to see a bunch of the sights.

Top things we liked about Prague:

Prague Castle

Firstly, it’s a castle and secondly, it has a really cool medieval museum including houses and shops styled in the old timey way.

I took a lot of photos of the incredible Gothic Cathedral on the Castle grounds.

I also got a few shots inside some of the great halls. The ceilings particularly blew me away.

AND we got to see some Czech carolling inside one of the chapels. The carollers looked like they were from the Durmstrang Institute (Harry Potter reference).

The inspiration for George Clooney’s Batman suit?

Bad-ass lady!

This is an example of a witches house!

Plus dungeons!

They have their own Xmas Market inside the Castle grounds.

And a statue that everyone likes to.. touch.

The Medieval Astronomical Clock

Built 600 years ago! It amazingly still works wonderfully and has interesting stories/lore about it which I overheard from a tour that I was standing near. We planted ourselves in front of the clock ’cause I really wanted to see it go, but I think we might’ve enjoyed it more if we stood away from the crowd and back a bit. Tip for any fellow travellers: the clock show gets hella crowded.

(click here for the panorama if the embedded one doesn’t work, or to see it full screen)

Gothic Architecture/ Town Centre

The building are pristine and would have completely transported me to medieval times if it wasn’t for the plague of tourists bumping up to me. How dare they travel to where I travel!

(click here for the panorama if the embedded one doesn’t work, or to see it full screen)

Charles Bridge

Completed in 1402! Shit’s old son! The bridge is beautifully decorated with sculptures of Catholic Saints and full to the brim with tourists. Still worth it despite way too many people touching me.

Christmas Markets

We went to a couple small markets as well as the big one in the old town square near the Astronomical Clock. It was crowded, but beautiful. Medieval cities are made for winter displays.

Cool Indoors Places

We went to a lot of places that were way too cool for us. Like the nerd cafe bar. The French cafe and the hipster cafe. The brew pub with kegs that will eat you in the future robot uprising. The Soviet era subways. The list goes on.

Prague rocks! It was surprisingly touristy, but I love how beautiful the city is. A big plus for us (and probably the other tourists) is that it’s super cheap! The Czech Koruna was a little ridiculous, 20 Koruna is like $1 CDN and things were generally 3/4 of the price I would pay in Canada. I loved feeling like a big shot walking around with like 2000 Koruna.