Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

To Live in San Francisco

We visited San Francisco over two weeks and for the first week we decided to pursue a more authentic experience. We tried to actually live in San Francisco. The second week I got to be a complete tourist with my parents while John took in a conference with his work mates.

For our “live in experience” we stayed just a short distance from the Golden Gate Park in amongst all the beautiful Painted Ladies.

On one walk we went over to see the Painted Ladies, all in a row looking fab.

I really enjoyed taking walks in the incredible Golden Gate Park. We visited the Botanical Gardens and found a bunch of vagrant hippy “free folk”… ya-know, the type of people who you’re not sure if they live in the park or are just committed to never showering.

(click here for the panorama if the embedded one doesn’t work, or to see it full screen)

AND we stopped for Haadaaaags! We got one veggie and one chicken. Such yum.

On one walk we even stumbled upon a Quidditch match! how splendid!

I really enjoyed feeling apart of a neighbourhood in San Fran. It made the big city-ness more tolerable. A++ on having really cool stuff to do all the time, but F on affordability. I felt my experience was a bit stunted because everything seemed twice as expensive as I thought it should be so I didn’t want to do as much.

Two good things though: the coffee, and beer delivery robots.