Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

Raiders of the Lost Tombs of the Kings

Similar to the Archaelogical Park, the Tombs of the Kings is very close to the apartment we are living in in Paphos. After a very pleasant 20-30min walk we arrived at the incredibly large field that is riddled with underground tombs. So I put on my sweet hat, leather jacket, and grabbed my whip for some serious exploring.

JK, I actually put on my running shoes, my adorable backpack, and grabbed my camera … I’m like a frumpy modern Indiana Jones’ … side kick. I will, however insist you listen to the Indiana Jones theme song while you read this post.

The Tombs of the Kings date back to the 4th Century BCE and are carved out of solid rock. Despite the name, no Kings were buried here, instead the tombs were for local rich folk, aristocrats, and high ranking officials.

I very thrillingly got to climb through tombs, leap over giant holes, and precariously stumble down ancient stone steps. I found no treasure though.


The Tombs of the Kings is a must see in Paphos. They are constantly uncovering more tombs and actively doing research in the area. I read one article stating that these tombs have similarities to ones found in Alexandria, Egypt which I think is very cool. It really shows the relationship Cyprus would’ve had with nearby countries and how they influenced each other in the past.


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