Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

Aphrodite’s Rock

John and I took a road trip up to Nicosia on the weekend and stopped at the legendary birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. The initial draw is certainly the myth Aphrodite, but the reason I love to spot is the beautiful sunny beach and crystal clear water.

The legend of Aphrodite‘s birth and the birthplace within the myth is pretty interesting. The rock is said to be a god’s testicles that were thrown into the ocean. After mixing with the water, Aphrodite emerged. That’s how babies are made!

Mythology aside, Aphrodite’s rock is a super cool place to visit and I highly recommend. Although, I bet it’s crazy busy with tourists in the summertime! It’s like the original tourist trap.