Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.

Buenos Aires – Todo Bien

What a truly young and hip city. Like I was constantly saying “wow this is too hip for me” and “I wish I was 10x cooler to pass as a local”. BA is youthful, vibrant, fashionable, and a place I totally loved.

What’s so hip you ask? Firstly, we stayed in Palermo Hollywood in this amazing loft style apartment. We could easily walk anywhere or take transit to anywhere in the city. 

Secondly, and forgive the cliche, but you literally can’t throw a stone without hitting a craft beer bar with industrial decor. Instead of being delighted to find the one craft beer bar in the city you get to find your favourite craft beer bar on your block. 

If you ever get tired of too much beer you can find just as many hipster cafes to drink coffee out of unconventional cups (my fav was espresso in a martini glass).

Lastly, I would say the average age of people working and living around Palermo is 30. Like everyone seemed super young. With youth comes hipness. There are like a million more reasons that the hipness was flowing in BA but these are my top notes. 

Other stuff I liked:

Pizza! Argentinian pizza is like a new level of pizza that I really didn’t expect. 

The incredible parks and Botanical gardens throughout the city.

The atmosphere. Despite not “feeling” cool enough to live in BA something about the city made me feel like I was actually cool enough. What I mean is the people never made me feel like an outsider. I just think everyone is super chill.

Bonus Content: 

We went to Tigre which is part of the greater BA area but is a separate town. Tigre is known for being a port city because it has an amazing network of naturally made canals. We took a tour of them and the canal area is a bayou-esque vacation home area. Totally romantic and beautiful.