Perth time

For the last bit of our Australia tour we visited Perth in Western Australia. We stayed with John’s cousin Tim and his beautiful family for the week. We celebrated John’s birthday, explored the city, and hung out on a lovely beach! Highlights include: the free art gallery, the free natural history museum, the beach (also free)!, […]

Holiday Recap

For us, the holiday season primarily consisted of trying to make everyone jealous with our summery xmas themed selfies. Did we succeed? We’ll never know. I can definitely get behind this Christmas on the beach thing. I only had one tiny moment of weakness where I missed a snowy xmas, but it quickly passed as […]

Sydney so far

We’ve been on the road for about two months now! I can hardly believe all the places we’ve been to and all the places on our list we have yet to see. We are currently in Sydney and well … it’s love at first sight. Mostly, I’m just becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable with my […]