Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.


Category: Canada

Hiking in Banff

We went for a whirlwind trip down to Banff and had a couple beers, a really nice supper, and a hike around Johnson’s Canyon.

Vancouver City Life

Vancouver has been on our list for a while as a place we’d like to try to live in. I’ve personally been against living in Vancouver because of the busy/expensive lifestyle that often goes with it. While the city is… Continue Reading…

Vancouver Island Adventure

Vancouver Island is so stunning. We took a long weekend to explore it. Here’s a bunch of photos of the places we went.

City of Champions

It was weird being in Edmonton for a whole month. Having that amount of time reaffirmed that Edmonton is no longer my home, but I miss it dearly. It’s weird to have this place that is full of everything I… Continue Reading…

The Fax

Back to Halifax, thus completing a total loop around the world! I’m so proud of this travelling accomplishment and I was so happy to be back in Halifax. As soon as I arrived I basically exploded onto Halifax and all… Continue Reading…