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[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.


Category: Europe

A Look Back at Malta

My poor neglected blog! Malta is so so beautiful and I think it would be a shame not to include it on my blog. I’ve had every intention to share all the experiences and photos but time and the busyness… Continue Reading…

Street Art of Athens

Beyond the ancient artefacts of Athens is some amazing street art beautifying and modernizing the city. As if you need another reason to love this fascinating city!

Greek Food

Greek food and Greek hospitality is universal, so to be able to experience it at its source is such a treat. My most favourite parts of my Greek food tour is the Athens central market, shawarma, and seafood!

Agora Agora

Next in Greek life we explored the Agora. The Agora is also in our neighbourhood! If you aren’t familiar the Ancient Agora of Athens is full of incredible temples, statues, an ancient market place, and so much more!

Day at the Acropolis

A day at the Acropolis is just as you would expect, incredible. We went on the free day which is the first Sunday of every month. It was a little busy due to the freeness, but not crazy. The day… Continue Reading…

Living Like Greek Gods

Welcome to my life in Athens! I would like to share a collection of photos that I took while on my daily walk around my neighbourhood. Everyday I was feeling “wowed” by something because Athens, as you can imagine, is… Continue Reading…

Eating My Way Through Cyprus

ah yaaa food. Cyprus has some pretty damn fine eats. It’s mostly a mix of Greek and/or Turkish dishes, but they have a few unique creations of their own. Like halloumi cheese! The meatiest of the cheeses originates in Cyprus!

Cypriot Kafés

coffee. coffee. coffee. cafe. kafés. I love coffee. I know some people try to cut back or think it’s bad for you, but it’s my favourite vice and I’m very ok with the effects it has on me, good and… Continue Reading…

How to Live in Paphos

This is our neighbourhood. Our beautiful apartment was just a couple minutes walk to the lighthouse beach and waterfront walking path in Paphos. If you turn left you’ll walk by the archaeological park and find many many bars and restaurants.… Continue Reading…

Two Sides of the Same City: Nicosia

John and I took a weekend to drive up to the divided capital of Cyprus. Nicosia or the “shame-capital” as one waiter referred to it, is the last divided city in Europe. The Northern half is occupied by Turkish Cypriots… Continue Reading…