A Surprise Trip to Guadeloupe

We had a bit of airplane drama while travelling from Martinique to Puerto Rico which resulted in a one night stay at a resort in Guadeloupe! If you’re going to have flight drama the Caribbean is a solid choice. Also, flight drama seems pretty common when flying between islands because there are often many stops […]

The Paris of the Caribbean

Fort-de-France is the capital of Martinique. We stayed just outside of the city so we could enjoy beach life better and we visited the city about 3 times. While I don’t have other Caribbean islands to compare Martinique to, I have been to other French cities and I definitely felt like I was in a […]

Strasbourg Visit

Strasbourg is the cutest town I’ve ever visited probably. We also got to visit one of John’s university friends from Iceland who now lives in Strasbourg with his wonderful family. They kindly hosted us for the weekend, showed us the best of the city, and played some card games with us. It was such a treat […]

A Day in Versailles

I’m not sure I even have the words to describe how amazing the Palace of Versailles is. It’s like every indulgence I’ve ever known, every long bubble bath I’ve enjoyed, every delicate pastry I’ve ever eaten wrapped up in gold with some diamonds sprinkled on top. The Palace in itself is almost endless with its […]

Paris, je t’aime.

OK, so many of you know by now that I’ve fallen madly deeply in love with Paris, like, sorry John if Paris was a person we would have to work out some kind of inter-relationship deal where I could hang out with Paris on the side. My five weeks in Paris was just perfection. Everything […]