Wayward Lovers

[wey-werd] turning or changing irregularly; irregular: a wayward breeze.


Category: Puerto Rico

Touring San Francisco

For the second week of San Francisco my beautiful parents joined me for adventures while John partook in some edumacation and netwerkin. My folks and I did so much touristy stuff. Like, I’ve been to San Fran two times before… Continue Reading…

On the Road in Puerto Rico

We took a weekend, rented a car, and explored the countryside of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a really really cool and amazing place, but let it be noted that the drivers are so craaa!

Los Gatos of Old San Juan

If you walk through Puerta De San Juan and walk along Paseo del Morro it will take you along the walls of the city and the San Felipe del Morro Fortress. You will find a cat sanctuary. You won’t miss… Continue Reading…

The Forts of San Juan

We visited both Forts in Old San Juan and it was cool.

Living the Old San Juan Lifestyle

After a month in Martinique. San Juan is where I switch from saying “je ne parle pas français” to “yo no hablo español.” I am still working on grasping languages. Even English is hard some days. Old San Juan is… Continue Reading…