Weird Stuff in Bogotá

The bad, the weird, and the surprising. Generally I like to focus on the positive, cool, and awesome stuff when I’m travelling because there is tonnes of it and what’s the point of only talking about bad stuff. However, I had some experiences that were less than perfect and honestly downright disturbing that I want to share.

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Getting to Know Bogotá

We’ve been living in Bogotá for nearly 3 weeks now and I feel like we’ve been able to get to know the city more. I’m starting to see what it’s like to actually live here and not just be a tourist here. Although, we’ve gotten up to some more tourist things too.

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A Look Back at Malta

My poor neglected blog! Malta is so so beautiful and I think it would be a shame not to include it on my blog. I’ve had every intention to share all the experiences and photos but time and the busyness of life has swept past me. Anyway, better late than never!

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First Impressions: Bogotá

My first impression of Bogotá is that it is a very big city (obvious). Bogotá is full of hustling and bustling people trying to move through their busy lives. Walking through the streets during my first couple of days made me want to walk fast with purpose even though I had nowhere in particular to go.

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Living Like Greek Gods

Welcome to my life in Athens! I would like to share a collection of photos that I took while on my daily walk around my neighbourhood. Everyday I was feeling “wowed” by something because Athens, as you can imagine, is pretty epic.

We stayed in Athens for the month of February in a really cool apartment in the Thissio neighbourhood which is right next to the Acropolis and all that good good ancient stuff.

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Eating My Way Through Cyprus

ah yaaa food. Cyprus has some pretty damn fine eats. It’s mostly a mix of Greek and/or Turkish dishes, but they have a few unique creations of their own. Like halloumi cheese! The meatiest of the cheeses originates in Cyprus!

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