Cypriot Kafés

coffee. coffee. coffee. cafe. kafés. I love coffee. I know some people try to cut back or think it’s bad for you, but it’s my favourite vice and I’m very ok with the effects it has on me, good and bad. I find it fascinating how different cultures approach coffee and how different methodologies have transferred between cultures.

Anyway, if you too love coffee, you might like this post where I rant about the coffee we found in Cyprus.

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How to Live in Paphos

This is our neighbourhood. Our beautiful apartment was just a couple minutes walk to the lighthouse beach and waterfront walking path in Paphos. If you turn left you’ll walk by the archaeological park and find many many bars and restaurants. If you turn right you’ll have a quiet walk past hotels and summer homes and you’ll find many many cats! If you don’t want to walk either direction you can sit yourself down at the Lighthouse Beach bar and have the best most buttery toasty of your life. I’m a big fan of the Paphos life.

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Two Sides of the Same City: Nicosia

John and I took a weekend to drive up to the divided capital of Cyprus. Nicosia or the “shame-capital” as one waiter referred to it, is the last divided city in Europe. The Northern half is occupied by Turkish Cypriots and the Southern part is occupied by Greek Cypriots. Many of the Greek Cypriots we talked to about the divide seemed very sad that they haven’t figured out a way to compromise yet.

Other than the fascinating political atmosphere of Nicosia, it’s also the bustling big city and cultural capital of Cyprus. There are cool museums, archaeological sites, and tonnes of restaurants to explore.

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Aphrodite’s Rock

John and I took a road trip up to Nicosia on the weekend and stopped at the legendary birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. The initial draw is certainly the myth Aphrodite, but the reason I love to spot is the beautiful sunny beach and crystal clear water.

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Raiders of the Lost Tombs of the Kings

Similar to the Archaelogical Park, the Tombs of the Kings is very close to the apartment we are living in in Paphos. After a very pleasant 20-30min walk we arrived at the incredibly large field that is riddled with underground tombs. So I put on my sweet hat, leather jacket, and grabbed my whip for some serious exploring.

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Mosaics, Churches, and Tombs! Oh My!

I have been in Paphos for about 3 weeks now and I really love it here. It’s such a chill town, especially this time of year. I can only imagine how less chill it is in the summer at the height of tourist time, but right now it’s perfectly quiet. During they day we enjoy a high of 18 C and the evening it can get as low as 10 C. We’ve had a few rainy days and a few windy days, but overall the weather is perfect. One of the draws to live in Paphos over another city in Cyprus is the archeological parks. Our apartment is between two parks, the Paphos Archeological Park and the Tombs of the Kings.

For my first post about Cyprus I’d like to share my incredible time at the Archeological Park discovering all the amazing layers of history. The park is just an easy 20 min walk along the waterfront from our apartment.

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Travel Stuff: Packing

What do I bring for such long trips? How do I pack? What are my essentials? How much luggage do I bring?

I get asked these questions a lot. My usual answer is that I’m bad at packing and you should ask someone else, but I’d finally like to really answer these questions. Maybe you can find some wisdom in my methods or perhaps learn from my mistakes.

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Vancouver City Life

Vancouver has been on our list for a while as a place we’d like to try to live in. I’ve personally been against living in Vancouver because of the busy/expensive lifestyle that often goes with it. While the city is busy and expensive I do think that there are some cool neighbourhoods I could happily live in while taking advantage of the beauty that surrounds the city.

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