Wayward Letters

I’ve opened up an Etsy shop to send you beautiful letters and art from around the world!

Wayward Letters Subscription

For everyone who is nostalgic for snail mail. For each month that you sign up I’ll send you one drawing with a nice letter about the place I’m currently in. Each letter will be personalized with your name and whatnot.

Currently, you can choose between a single month subscription, a three month subscription or a 6 month subscription.

This subscription is for my upcoming South America travels starting in November 2018. You can pre purchase the subscription, but you will not receive your first letter until November.

Adding to the charm of being in a different place each month the letters may vary month to month. I’ll be using different print shops and the best paper they have available.

There will be a different letter/art each month coinciding with the new location I’m in!


Follow my instagram @wayward_letters for sketchbook and letter updates.